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This website was created to ensure that providers in Illinois have access to a collection of resources that can be used to implement HIV routine testing and to enhance the quality of HIV care services.   Currently, it contains two main sections: The Illinois Routine HIV Testing Toolkit with an ever growing number of reading materials, tools, forms, videos, webinars, etc., to help providers navigate the process of implementing HIV routine testing, and the Illinois HIV Testing Bulletin as a vehicle for providers to stay current on matters related to HIV testing in Illinois.   In the near future, i-Test will be further developed to include new sections as new developments occur in the field of HIV testing.

i-Test is the result of a collaborative effort between the Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago (PHIMC) and the Midwest AIDS Training + Education Center (MATEC).   With over five years of extensive experience developing, implementing and monitoring routine testing initiatives in health care settings in Chicago and multiple other areas in Illinois, PHIMC and MATEC are uniquely qualified to bring you this website as a source of technical assistance, education in support of your HIV testing and care efforts.

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